Diagnostic Clinical Pathology IV (VTPA 853.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
VTPA 853 02 January 2017
VTPA 853 02 January 2016


The diagnostic clinical pathology courses, VTPA 850.3 through 853.3, involve interpretation of laboratory tests performed on blood, serum and urine specimens, and examination of blood, urine and cytology smears in order to assist in making a clinical diagnosis. Case material is supplemented with presentations, interactive discussions and directed reading. The student is expected to be able to work independently in the diagnostic laboratory over the length of this course.


VTPA 850, VTPA 851 and VTPA 852 or permission of the instructor.


The student is expected to be able to work as an entry-level clinical pathologist in the diagnostic laboratory, with appropriate supervisory support, in order to take this course.

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