Equine Nutrition (VLAC 490.1)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
VLAC 490 02 January 2017 Katherine Robinson


The course will cover nutrition basics, evaluation of the equine diet, ration formulation, and the interpretation of nutrient analyses. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the role diet can play in various diseases (nutritional and non-nutritional diseases) and will gain confidence in advising clients on diet selection to prevent or treat nutritional diseases. Hands-on labs will include gross inspection of feed and body condition scoring of horses. Topics will include feed identification and forage analysis, ration analysis, life stage feeding, and feeding to prevent and/or treat specific nutritional diseases, such as equine metabolic syndrome, gastric ulcer syndrome, laminitis, myopathies, and refeeding syndrome.


Only open to students in the 3rd year of the D.V.M. program.


This course will be an elective in year 3.

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