Communications Elective (VINT 442.2)

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VINT 442 04 January 2016 Bianca Bauer , Alan Chicoine , Christopher Clark , Murray Jelinski , Karen Machin , Stephen Manning , Monique Mayer , Katherine Robinson , Kimberly Tryon , Bruce Wobeser , Jordan Woodsworth , Katharina Lohmann (primary instructor)


This Third Year elective is designed to build from the basic communication skills taught in Year 1 of the DVM Program and allow opportunity for students to practice and refine their skills using simulated clients in a controlled environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on dealing with euthanasia, disclosing medical errors, conflict resolution and other common scenarios in which communication skills are essential.


VINT 441


Successful completion of Year 2 of the D.V.M. program.


Students with credit for VINT 441 cannot receive credit for this course.

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