Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (ENT 310.3)

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ENT 310 18 January 2019
ENT 310 18 January 2018
ENT 310 18 January 2017
ENT 310 18 January 2016


Is designed for students pursuing a degree in colleges other than the Edwards School of Business. This course assists students in developing and understanding the skills and tools required in preparing and presenting a complete and professional business plan, with a focus on small and medium sized business. Students are required to prepare and present an actual business plan as the main project in the course. This serves as a capstone course for the Entrepreneurship Minor in the College of Arts & Science.


BPBE 230.3, ENT 210.3, ENT 220.3, ENT 230.3

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s)

ENT 300.3


This course may not be used for credit towards B.Comm. degree. Students can receive credit for only one of COMM 447.3, BPBE 495.3, AREC 495.3, or ENT 310.3

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