Marketing for Entrepreneurial Ventures (ENT 210.3)

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ENT 210 18 January 2019
ENT 210 19 September 2018
ENT 210 18 January 2018
ENT 210 19 September 2017
ENT 210 18 January 2017
ENT 210 19 September 2016
ENT 210 18 January 2016


Introduces students to the role of marketing in entrepreneurial endeavors and is intended for students pursuing a degree in colleges other than the Edwards School of Business. It will familiarize students with the marketing environment, the marketing mix, and other basic concepts of marketing. Students will be required to understand the marketing plan and how it is integrated with other components of the business plan. Students will also be confronted with various situations and asked to arrive at decisions about the marketing position.


30 credit units of university study.


This course may not be used for credit towards a B.Comm. degree. Students can receive credit for only one of ENT 210.3 or COMM 204.3.

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