Supply Chain Mgt E-Commerce (COMM 495.3)

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COMM 495 02 January 2018 Hamed Samarghandi
COMM 495 04 January 2018 Hamed Samarghandi
COMM 495 02 January 2017 Hamed Samarghandi
COMM 495 04 January 2017 Hamed Samarghandi
COMM 495 02 January 2016
COMM 495 04 January 2016


Supply chain management and business logistics deal with the physical distribution of goods and services. Today's heavy dependence on the internet and E-commerce has made supply chain management central to business strategic planning. Supply chain management and logistics include the managing of acquisition, transportation, materials storage and handling, production scheduling, order processing, warehousing, and distribution both internally and among suppliers and customers. Today this planning must also take into account the internet and the distribution of goods and services electronically. Thus, the focus of this course is on the planning and control of both physical and electronic distribution systems. The required planning and analysis will make use of the different computer models and E-commerce options.


POM 495.3

Permission of the department required.


COMM 205.3

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