Strategic Compensation (COMM 488.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
COMM 488 01 September 2017 Gary Mearns
COMM 488 03 September 2017 Gary Mearns
COMM 488 01 September 2016 Gary Mearns
COMM 488 03 September 2016 Gary Mearns


Provides a comprehensive framework for the development of compensation strategy and compensation systems by organizations. Topics include job evaluation, compensation surveys, performance pay, stock and profit sharing plans, and employee benefits plans. This course's primary focus is a major project in which students develop a complete compensation system for a simulated organization.


COMM 388.3.

Permission of the department required.


COMM 105.3 and COMM 211.3


Students with credit for HRM 388.3 or COMM 388.3 cannot take this class for credit.

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