Retail Marketing (COMM 454.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
COMM 454 01 September 2018 David Williams
COMM 454 02 January 2018 David Williams
COMM 454 02 January 2017 David Williams
COMM 454 02 January 2016


To familiarize students with the decisions involved in developing sustainable competitive advantage in retailing and the concepts and principles for making those decisions to promote higher sales and profits. Topics covered include but are not limited to the strategic importance of retailing in the distribution chain, the retailing environment, retail entrepreneurship, types of retailers, multi-channel and electronic retailing, retail strategy, customer relationship management, store location, design, layout and visual merchandising, buying merchandise, managing store operations and customer service.

Permission of the department required.


COMM 352.3 and COMM 354.3

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