Business Forecasting (COMM 395.3)

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COMM 395 01 September 2017 Hamed Samarghandi
COMM 395 03 September 2017 Hamed Samarghandi
COMM 395 01 September 2016 Hamed Samarghandi
COMM 395 03 September 2016 Hamed Samarghandi


The process of business forecasting involves the study of historical data to discover their underlying tendencies and patterns and the use of this knowledge to project the data into future time periods. Topic areas include moving averages and exponential smoothing methods, simple and multiple regression analysis, time series analysis, and Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) methodology. Each module is accompanied with a computer lab class where students get hands on experience in applying the associated forecasting technique. An important component of the course is a forecasting project where students choose a variable of interest and forecast it by applying the methods taught in the lectures and lab classes.


POM 395.3

Permission of the department required.


COMM 207.3.

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