Business Strategy (BAC 38.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
BAC 38 02 January 2018 Christopher Dobni
BAC 38 02 January 2017 Christopher Dobni
BAC 38 02 January 2016


Will focus on case histories in policy formulation designed to expose the student to a wide range of business problems involving the examination of a company's opportunities, competencies, aspirations, and responsibilities. The student is then expected to assess the objectives of the company, develop a strategy for achieving them, and point the way toward organizing to get the job done. In beginning to deal with these "overall" problems, the student begins to see how the individual parts of the company (accounting, engineering, production, marketing, administrative organization, people, etc.) have to be coordinated and integrated if the company is to achieve profits. In addition to the above-mentioned "case approach" a computer-based business game may be played.


BAC Students


BAC 11, BAC 14, BAC 15, BAC 16, BAC 25, BAC 37 and one of BAC 28 or BAC 29

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