University Preparation II (EAP 60.0)

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EAP 60 01 January 2017
EAP 60 01 September 2016
EAP 60 01 July 2016
EAP 60 01 May 2016
EAP 60 01 January 2016


Full time English program with 20 hours of classroom instruction weekly for ten weeks including reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary skills development. An extracurricular cultural adaptation program is a required component of this course for new students, and class sizes are kept small to provide more interaction between students and teachers. This is a highly intensive academic English program preparing students to be successful in a post-secondary academic setting, enabling participants to learn through interactive academic processes and advancing their skills in reading, writing, presenting, and classroom discussion for academic purposes. Students are required to write a full term paper with appropriate referencing and citation. The curriculum also requires students to complete a textbook project that entails reading and writing a test on a chapter from a first year university level text. Other requirements include formal presentations, note-taking with academic lectures, term tests, and a cumulative final exam. Class sizes are kept small to provide more interaction between students and teachers.

Permission of the College of Graduate Studies and Research is required for graduate students intending to pursue the Graduate Pathways Certificate.


EAP 50.

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