Pract I Adv Primary Hlth (NURS 880.3)

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NURS 880 N01 May 2018 Janet Luimes
NURS 880 N02 May 2016


The student will provide direct care in selected primary health care settings. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate primary health care skills and advanced practice clinical judgment. Scholarly activities in this clinical practicum will be designed so that the student will gain experience in consultation, education, integration of theory, research and clinical knowledge related to the goals of multidisciplinary health services and systems.


NURS 879, NURS 881, NURS 883, NURS 870, NURS 885, NURS 886, NURS 892; and three credit units from NURS 818, PUBH 805, ERES 840, KIN 808, CHEP 805, CHEP 806, STAT 845 or PSY 805.


Students with credit for NURS 887.3 or NURS 877.6 will not receive credit for this course. The current course was labeled NURS 887.3 until 201205 and was labeled NURS 877.6 until 201309.

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