Therapeutic Interventions (NURS 328.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
NURS 328 L01 January 2018 Susan Bazylewski
NURS 328 L02 January 2018 Shirley Larson
NURS 328 L03 January 2018 Sheri Malinowski
NURS 328 L04 January 2018 Joan Middleton
NURS 328 N12 January 2018 Barbara Murray
NURS 328 L01 January 2017 Tara Leson
NURS 328 L02 January 2017 Tammy Gebhardt
NURS 328 L03 January 2017 Joan Middleton
NURS 328 L04 January 2017 Colin French
NURS 328 L05 January 2017 Susan Bazylewski
NURS 328 N12 January 2017 Barbara Murray
NURS 328 N02 January 2016


Focuses on therapeutic nursing interventions with individuals and groups. Participants will explore an array of evidence informed concepts, theories, and interventions related to nursing in a variety of clinical settings, within the context of community and society. Ethically competent and culturally safe care will be explored through various nursing roles including counseling, advocating, teaching, leading, and supporting. Experiences in individual counseling and group facilitation will be provided through case simulation, labs, and course assignments.


Restricted to students in the College of Nursing who are registered in the Post-Degree B.S.N. Option.


NURS 204


Students with credit for NURS 321 or NEPS 327 will not receive credit for this course.

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