Rsrch Evidence Informed Pract (NURS 205.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
NURS 205 N12 July 2017 Rusla Springer
NURS 205 N01 May 2017 Angela Bowen
NURS 205 N21 May 2017 Kelly Penz
NURS 205 N41 May 2017 Anthony de Padua
NURS 205 N61 May 2017 Anthony de Padua
NURS 205 N72 May 2017 Kelly Penz
NURS 205 N01 July 2016
NURS 205 N02 January 2016
NURS 205 N22 January 2016
NURS 205 N42 January 2016
NURS 205 N62 January 2016
NURS 205 N72 January 2016


Emphasis will be on critical appraisal, translation, and uptake of existing research as a basis for evidence-informed practice. Introduces students to research concepts, methodologies, and issues in research and health care.


STAT 244 or STAT 245 or STAT 246 or PLSC 214 or (COMM 104 and COMM 207) or (PSY 233 and PSY 234) or ECON 204 or GEOG 302 or (SOC 225 and SOC 325) or (PSY 233 and COMM 207). Statistics courses from other post-secondary institutions may also be acceptable. Please see the College of Nursing for information.


Restricted to students in the College of Nursing who are registered in the B.S.N. program or the Post-Degree B.S.N. Option.

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