Success in Medical School III (MEDC 311.0)

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MEDC 311 01 July 2017 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 311 02 July 2017 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 311 03 July 2017 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 311 0 September 2016 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 311 0 September 2016 Unknown Unknown


This course is designed to assist the medical student in orientating to the clerkship portion of their medical education. It will provide both overall and site-specific orientation to include: confirmation and refinement of clinical, procedural, and communication skills, and learning of documentation skills. As well the students will complete the mandatory full program of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. The students will receive information about career development, student wellness, review of professionalism and ethics, legal aspects of clerkship, HIPA, teaching about SCM and the use of One45 in clerkship. Site specific orientation will be given with respect to policies & procedures, employee health and safety, pharmacy services, region code procedure, During this time, the students will receive their complete the necessary paperwork to proceed and will receive their scrubs, pagers, and be assigned lockers. This course will be offered for the two weeks immediately prior to the start of department-specific rotations.


Open only to students who have successfully completed Year Two of the M.D. program.


Completion of Year Two, M.D. program.

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