Clinical Skills IV (MEDC 223.8)

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MEDC 223 01 January 2018 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 223 R02 January 2018 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 223 01 January 2017 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 223 02 January 2017 Unknown Unknown
MEDC 223 01 January 2016
MEDC 223 02 January 2016


Learning in Clinical Skills IV will enable students to further refine their clinical skills and to become increasingly proficient at establishing rational differential diagnoses and developing appropriate patient-centered management plans. The course will include the following modules: Focused Interview and Physical Examination (FIPE), Discipline Specific Patient Encounters (DSPE), Clinical Scenarios and Simulations (CS), and Advanced Communication 2 (AC 2). The DSPE will focus on Obstetrics and Gynecology, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Dermatology. When appropriate and possible, sessions will be organized around content students are learning in other courses.


M.D. program only; in appropriate year of study only.


MEDC 213.8

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