Family Medicine (MED 404.0)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
MED 404 06 January 2017
MED 404 P06 January 2017
MED 404 U06 January 2017
MED 404 06 September 2016
MED 404 P06 September 2016
MED 404 U06 September 2016
MED 404 06 July 2016
MED 404 P06 July 2016
MED 404 U06 July 2016
MED 404 06 May 2016
MED 404 P06 May 2016
MED 404 U06 May 2016
MED 404 06 January 2016
MED 404 P06 January 2016
MED 404 U06 January 2016


Clerkship students will participate in a six-week primary outpatient-based experience. The students will do two weeks in one of the Family Medicine Teaching Units or an urban practice and four weeks in a rural or remote location. The four principles of Family Medicine will be stressed. The Family Medicine clerkship will provide exposure to the full spectrum of early undifferentiated health problems commonly encountered in the community setting. Clerkship students will also have a two-week rotation in an Emergency Department.


Restricted to students enrolled in the College of Medicine

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