Anesthesia (MED 403.0)

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MED 403 02 January 2017
MED 403 P02 January 2017
MED 403 U02 January 2017
MED 403 02 September 2016
MED 403 P02 September 2016
MED 403 U02 September 2016
MED 403 02 July 2016
MED 403 P02 July 2016
MED 403 U02 July 2016
MED 403 02 May 2016
MED 403 P02 May 2016
MED 403 U02 May 2016
MED 403 02 January 2016
MED 403 P02 January 2016
MED 403 U02 January 2016


This is a compulsory rotation for final year medical students with the terminal objective that the graduating student possess the technical expertise of ACLS with the knowledge required of a family practitioner to competently prepare and counsel patients for anaesthesia and surgery at a basic level. Students are taught peri-operative management. This includes pre-operative evaluation and optimization, adult, pediatric, obstetric and outpatient anaesthesia and monitoring, and post-operative care including recovery room, intensive care and pain management. Interactive seminars and rounds cover related material.


Restricted to students enrolled in the College of Medicine

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