Research Project (MCIM 491.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
MCIM 491 01 January 2018 Calliopi Havele
MCIM 491 01 September 2017 Calliopi Havele
MCIM 491 01 January 2017 Calliopi Havele
MCIM 491 01 September 2016 Calliopi Havele
MCIM 491 01 January 2016


A research project is selected in consultation with a faculty supervisor in whose laboratory the research will be carried out. Students will become familiar with the scientific literature and the laboratory techniques pertinent to the project. Experimental work will be undertaken and data compiled and analyzed. To complete the research project, a written report will be tabled and a short oral presentation will be given to faculty and students.


MICR 497

Permission of the department is required.


Minimum cumulative average of 70% in those courses counting toward the microbiology requirement of an Honours Degree in Microbiology.


Intended primarily for those students majoring in microbiology and immunology who are considering a post-graduate degree in microbiology, immunology or another area of the life sciences. Students with credit for MICR 491 may not take this course for credit.

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