Food Systems and Community Health (CHEP 815.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CHEP 815 02 May 2019
CHEP 815 02 May 2018
CHEP 815 01 May 2016


Community Health and Epidemiology 815 is an introductory graduate level course on food systems and community health. The emphasis is on understanding the links between the modern industrialized food system, its alternatives and community and population health. The course provides a critical introduction to food systems, both the dominant industrial one and its alternatives. The course will cover topics related to the environmental, social, and health impacts of food systems, and will provide real-world experiences that will allow students to contribute to an on-going food system initiative that aims to improve community health. Students will learn through lectures, small group exercises and presentations, class discussion, media, community-service learning and assignments.

Permission of the instructor is required.


This course is offered intensively in the Spring.

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