Introductory Molecular Biology (BIOC 311.3)

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BIOC 311 02 January 2017 Kyle Anderson , Hong Wang , Tricia Ulmer (primary instructor)
BIOC 311 02 January 2016 Kyle Anderson , Tricia Ulmer (primary instructor)


Basic principles and techniques of nucleic acid manipulations used in molecular biology and biotechnology are presented. Information and practical experience with plasmids, restriction endonucleases, PCR, DNA sequencing, site-directed mutagenesis, cloning, hybridization, analysis of RNA and gene promoters, and protein over-expression are presented. The laboratory component will also include an Internet exercise.


BMSC 240.3, CHEM 250.3, and one of BMSC 220.3 or BIOL 226.3.


Students with credit for MCIM 391.3 (formerly MICR 391.3), MICR 395, or BIOC 341 may not take this course for credit.

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