Gross Anatomy (ACB 221.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
ACB 221 02 January 2017 Saija Kontulainen (primary instructor)
ACB 221 02 January 2016 Saija Kontulainen (primary instructor)


Especially designed for students in Kinesiology with applications to activities involving motion, locomotion and related injuries. The emphasis is on the structural, biomechanical and positional relationships of the skeleton, joints, muscles, blood vessels and peripheral nerves in the trunk and limbs. The anatomy of other major body systems is also covered, but less thoroughly.


Students must be enrolled in the College of Kinesiology.


(BIOL 120 and 121) or BIOL 224 or PHSI 208.6.


Students with credit for ACB 310 will not receive credit for ACB 221.

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