Clinical Law Practicum (LAW 492.12)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
LAW 492 02 May 2018 Ammy Murray
LAW 492 02 January 2018 Sarah Buhler
LAW 492 01 September 2017 Sarah Buhler
LAW 492 02 July 2017 Leif Jensen
LAW 492 02 May 2017 Leif Jensen
LAW 492 02 January 2017 Amanda Dodge
LAW 492 01 September 2016 Amanda Dodge
LAW 492 02 January 2016


A 12credit unit one-semester (13 week) practicum. Students will be placed at Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City (CLASSIC) where they will take on the role of legal advocates under the close supervision of the clinic?s supervising lawyers and the course instructor. Students will assume carriage of client files in a wide variety of substantive law areas. They will learn, through experience, supervision and ongoing skills and substantive law training, about all aspects of legal practice in a poverty law context, including client interviewing and counseling, file management, legal research, the preparation of legal documents, letters and memoranda, and representing clients in administrative law hearings and provincial court trials. Students may also have opportunities to conduct public legal education sessions in the community and be involved in community based projects and law reform initiatives. The practicum will provide students an opportunity to engage the law more deeply, to explore the various real-life contexts in which it works, and to build relationships with the people whose lives it affects. Students will experience the dynamics of lawyer-client relationships, develop professional identities, grapple with ethical issues, and develop lawyering skills. The practicum will be graded on a pass-fail basis. However, a detailed letter of explanation and evaluation of the student?s performance can be provided upon request. The practicum will provide extensive exposure to criminal, civil and administrative law procedure, evidence law, trial advocacy, negotiation, legal research and writing, and professional responsibility.


LAW 491.3


Students with credit for LAW 305.6 may not take this course for credit.

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