Clinical Law Seminar (LAW 491.2)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
LAW 491 02 May 2018 Ammy Murray
LAW 491 02 January 2018 Sarah Buhler
LAW 491 01 September 2017 Sarah Buhler
LAW 491 02 July 2017 Leif Jensen
LAW 491 02 May 2017 Leif Jensen
LAW 491 02 January 2017 Amanda Dodge
LAW 491 01 September 2016 Amanda Dodge
LAW 491 02 January 2016


A 3-credit one-semester (13 week) academic seminar. The seminar is designed as an opportunity for students to critically reflect upon their clinical experiences, the law, the legal system, and their roles as legal advocates. The seminar attempts to create a balance between substantive content and more critical reflective discussions about the relevant clinical literature and its application to the experiences of the students. Critical questions relating to professional responsibility, the legal system, and the limits and possibilities of legal practice in situations of social injustice will be examined throughout the term. In many classes, the ?case rounds? model will be used, wherein students discuss and analyze their files and clinical work as a group, and learn from each other?s experiences.


LAW 492.12


Students with credit for LAW 482.3 may not take this course for credit.

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