Corporate Restructuring (LAW 472.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
LAW 472 01 September 2018 Eleni Arvanitis-Zorbas
LAW 472 02 January 2018 Eleni Arvanitis-Zorbas
LAW 472 01 September 2017 Eleni Arvanitis-Zorbas
LAW 472 02 January 2017 Eleni Arvanitis-Zorbas
LAW 472 02 January 2016


A commercial reorganization is a court sanctioned scheme under which a financially distressed business is restructured so as to permit it to continue in business through the compromise of the claims of creditors and others. There has been a fundamental shift in Canadian insolvency over the past 30 years, in that there has recently emerged effective systems that actively facilitate restructuring and rescue of insolvent businesses as an alternative to their liquidation. This course will make use of several highly realistic simulations in order to develop both an understanding of the substantive law that governs commercial reorganizations as well as the advocacy and negotiation skills that are necessary to provide effective legal advice and representation to your clients.

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