Drinking and Driving Law (LAW 411.3)

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LAW 411 01 September 2016 Dorinda Stahl


The course will provide an overview and introduction to the law of drinking and driving In Canada, Emphasis will be placed on the statutory requirements of drinking and driving, as well as the Charter-protected interest of the accused including, but not limited to, right to counsel (section 10(b)), search and seizure (section 8) and arbitrary detention (section 9). The various Charter remedies available pursuant to sections 24(1) and 24(2) will also be explored. The course will be considered in both an academic and practical context. Discussion will include balancing the interests of the accused versus the protection of the public from drunk drivers. The course will also examine the sentencing regime for both occasional and chronic offenders.


LAW 351 or LAW 423 or permission of the Instructor.

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