Bankruptcy Insolvency and Receiverships (LAW 407.3)

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LAW 407 02 January 2017 Ronald Cuming (primary instructor)
LAW 407 02 January 2016 Ronald Cuming (primary instructor)


Designed to permit close examination of central features of the law of bankruptcy, insolvency and equitable receiverships. Recent changes to bankruptcy and insolvency law will be considered and comparisons will be made with the law of other jurisdictions which have recently enacted reforms in this area of the law. The specific issues that will be examined in the context of bankruptcy and insolvency law will include: the role and efficacy of consumer and business insolvency proceedings, the position of secured creditors of the bankrupt, the status of statutory lien holders, the relationship between receivership and bankruptcy, dealings with undischarged bankruptcies, bankruptcy exemptions, the role of unsecured creditors in bankruptcy administration and consumer bankruptcies. The central features of Insolvency (reorganization) systems contained in the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act are examined in detail. The specific issues that will be examined in the context of equitable receivership include: the receiver as agent of the debtor and representative of the secured party, the special position of a receiver-manager and receiverships under The Personal Property Security Act and Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.


LAW 404.

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