Judgment Enforcement Law (LAW 404.3)

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LAW 404 01 September 2018 Ronald Cuming
LAW 404 01 September 2017 Ronald Cuming
LAW 404 01 September 2016 Ronald Cuming


The issuance of a judgment does not, in itself, enable a successful claimant to reach the financial resources or property of the judgment debtor for purposes of satisfaction of the successful plaintiff's claim. The enforcement of a judgement for the payment of money entails resorting to the specialized system of law that constitutes the subject of this course. The various methods of judgement enforcement are examined. In addition the law applicable to fraudulent conveyances and preferences is examined in detail. It is expected that the Saskatchewan Legislature will enact The Enforcement of Money Judgement Act in late 2011 or early 2012. This Act will revolutionize judgment enforcement law in Saskatchewan. An important aspect of the course examines changes resulting once the legislation is proclaimed.

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