Evidence 1 (LAW 351.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
LAW 351 01 September 2018 Michael Plaxton
LAW 351 02 January 2018 Sarah Burningham
LAW 351 03 January 2018 Lucinda Vandervort
LAW 351 01 September 2017 Michael Plaxton
LAW 351 02 January 2017 Glen Luther
LAW 351 03 January 2017 Glen Luther
LAW 351 01 September 2016 Lucinda Vandervort


Examination of the foundations of the law of evidence in civil and criminal trials in Canada. The principles, rules, statutes and procedures are examined from a critical perspective with emphasis on the history, rationale, and reform of rules and statutes affecting the admissibility of evidence. The topics examined are admissibility, relevance, character evidence, opinion evidence, hearsay evidence, competence, privilege and confessions.

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