Secured Trans - Personal Prop (LAW 303.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
LAW 303 02 January 2018 Clayton Bangsund
LAW 303 02 January 2017 Clayton Bangsund
LAW 303 02 January 2016


Canvasses secured financing practices in Canada involving collateral in the form of personal property, with the primary focus on commercial secured transactions. The subjects addressed include the policy and economic implications of secured financing law, including the history, doctrinal basis and specific provisions of the primary sources of secured financing law in Canada- provincial Personal Property Security Acts and the secured financing regime of the Bank Act. The study of case law will provide the contextual framework to interpret and apply this legislation. These subjects are examined in the context of the two primary themes of the course, inter partes creation and enforcement of security agreements and third party priority issues.


LAW 302.

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