Tort Law 1 (LAW 212.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
LAW 212 01 January 2018 Karinne Coombes
LAW 212 02 January 2018 Barbara von Tigerstrom
LAW 212 01 September 2017 Keir Vallance
LAW 212 02 September 2017 Barbara von Tigerstrom
LAW 212 01 January 2017 Barbara von Tigerstrom
LAW 212 02 January 2017 Benjamin Ralston
LAW 212 01 September 2016 Barbara von Tigerstrom
LAW 212 02 September 2016 Keir Vallance
LAW 212 01 January 2016
LAW 212 02 January 2016


An introduction to the legal processes through which an injured person can seek compensation either from the state, from insurance schemes or in a tort action. Detailed consideration will be given to the Saskatchewan Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, the tort of negligence, and the Saskatchewan Automobile Accident Insurance Act. Preliminary treatment will also be given to civil procedure, ethical issues, and access to justice considerations, together with a critique of Canada's legal response to personal injury.

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