Aquatics (KINA 211.2)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
KINA 211 02 January 2018 Kim Jones
KINA 211 33 January 2018 Kim Jones
KINA 211 02 January 2017 Kim Jones
KINA 211 33 January 2017 Kim Jones


Includes practical and theoretical work. Practical aspects include strokes, lifesaving skills and rescues, resuscitation and first aid training. Opportunity is provided to earn the Lifesaving Society Star Patrol and Fitness Award. CPR-C certification is required. There will be a special fee assessed of approximately $75.00 for CPR certification.


Must have one of AquaQuest 7, Swim Kids Level 6, Lifesaving Rookie Patrol or demonstrate equivalent distance swimming (150 meters). Distance swimming is checked by the instructor the first day of classes. Certified WSI Instructors are not permitted to take KINA 211. However, another 2 credit unit activity must be taken in lieu of KINA 211.

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