Field Research and Practicum in Public Health (PUBH 993.9)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PUBH 993 01 July 2016
PUBH 993 01 May 2016


The field research experience provides an opportunity for students to integrate classroom learning with research conducted in public health. Through working with an organization engaged in public health research, a student will receive advanced research training in a public health area relevant to the student's core area of interest. Through the work completed, the student will advance the current state of knowledge associated with a public health topic.


Students must be admitted into the MPH thesis program; have successfully defended a thesis proposal; have been accepted into the MPH thesis option; and have completed GSR 960, GSR 961, PUBH 800, PUBH 803, PUBH 804, PUBH 805, PUBH 807, PUBH 810, PUBH 867.

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