Environmental Public Health I (PUBH 810.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PUBH 810 02 January 2017 Lalita Bharadwaj (primary instructor)
PUBH 810 01 September 2016 Lalita Bharadwaj (primary instructor)
PUBH 810 W01 September 2016 Yelena Bird (primary instructor)
PUBH 810 08 January 2016 Lalita Bharadwaj (primary instructor)


This course is an introduction to and an overview of the key areas of environmental public health practice. Using the perspectives of the population and community, the course will cover factors associated with the development of environmental health problems. Students will gain an understanding of the interaction of individuals and communities with the environment, the potential impact on health of environmental agents, and specific applications of concepts of environmental public health practice.


Students who received credit for AGMD 801 in Spring and Summer of 2012 may not take this course for credit. Students taking this course in September of 2012 and beyond may receive credit for both AGMD 801 and PUBH 810.

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