Biostatistics for Public Health (PUBH 805.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PUBH 805 02 January 2017 Osama Bataineh (primary instructor)
PUBH 805 01 September 2016 Xin Feng (primary instructor)
PUBH 805 T05 September 2016
PUBH 805 W01 September 2016 Xin Feng (primary instructor)
PUBH 805 02 January 2016 Ellen Rafferty (primary instructor)
PUBH 805 W06 January 2016 Xin Feng (primary instructor)


Designed for students who wish to understand basic bio statistical methods and principles as they apply to public health data. The methods include descriptive statistics, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, non-parametric methods, multiple regression and logistic regression. The emphasis of the course is on applications of these methods to public health data, on correct interpretations of the resulting analyses as to be presented to both public health professionals and general lay audiences, and on the critical appraisal of these methods as used in the public health literature. The course also introduces the computer software program SPSS as it applies to the statistical topics discussed in the course.


CHEP 805


Permission of the Instructor.


Students may receive credit for only one of NURS 818, CHEP 805, and PUBH 805.

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