Action Research in Education (ERES 820.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
ERES 820 03 September 2016 Brenda Kalyn (primary instructor)
ERES 820 E06 September 2016 Warren Noonan (primary instructor)
ERES 820 02 January 2016 Debbie Pushor (primary instructor)


The purpose of this course is to apply the theory & knowledge of effective teacher professional development through instructional leadership practice. Participants will engage in instructional, transformational, and distributed leadership theory, and apply this knowledge through meaningful contextual action research in schools. The course is also suitable and adaptable for students who wish to engage in professional development and data driven leadership using educational approaches and action research in other environments. The learning objectives include deepening your understanding of the theories of collaboration, professional learning, inquiry, professional development, and data-driven leadership; engaging in an action research project using the cycle of inquiry/action research framework; developing an appreciation for the larger community & political educational environment; and developing skills & awareness of the writing requirements at the graduate level.

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