Indigenous Research Epistemology and Methods (ERES 810.3)

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ERES 810 04 January 2017 Margaret Kovach (primary instructor)


Trends within Indigenous research as it applies to educational research will be studied in detail. Epistemological foundations, ethical considerations, and methods within Indigenous research frameworks will be explored. Throughout this course we will be referencing a variety of writings by Indigenous scholars who offer insight into Indigenous ways of knowing, provide a commentary on how this worldview shapes life choices. Through these readings, literature from non-Indigenous research scholars, and course assignments, the goal is to examine the constructs of an Indigenous epistemological framework for educational research and to offer an introductory primer on key characteristics of qualitative research to design from an Indigenous perspective. This course will provide students with an opportunity to explore the connection between their worldview, their research curiosity and research design.


Students with credit for INDG 802 may not take this course for credit.

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