Negotiation Rhetorical (RCM 409.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
RCM 409 02 January 2018 Jeanie Wills
RCM 409 02 January 2017 Jeanie Wills
RCM 409 02 January 2016


Using rhetorical theories and methodologies, as well as organizational models, this course introduces students to effective negotiation as rhetorical practice. Designed to foster a rhetorical understanding of the most fundamental elements of the negotiation process, the course teaches theories of identification and common ground as well as persuasion, power, and ethics. It focuses on the tools necessary to examine communication processes and motivations that underpin the principles of negotiation, and it teaches how to do a rhetorical analysis of the negotiation context and audience as well as how to do strategic planning. The course also recognizes the interrelationship between language theories and the ability to frame negotiation communication.


RCM 300 or 6 credit units of Arts and Humanities, Sociology, or Psychology.

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