Leadership as Communic (RCM 404.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
RCM 404 01 September 2017 Gerald Moffatt
RCM 404 01 September 2016 Gerald Moffatt


Examines leadership as communication, and in particular as a form of rhetorical activity. Drawing on both traditional and contemporary scholarship, it will combine theoretical understanding with practical strategies for improving skill across several dimensions of the leadership dynamic: interpersonal, rhetorical, social, ethical, and political. Through reading, discussion, and a variety of practical case studies and exercises, students will be challenged to develop their ability to guide, motivate, and support others toward common goals. Topics include leadership as rhetoric; the ethics of leadership; face-saving, conflict resolution, and listening; community- and teambuilding; group loyalty and identity formation; and persuasion.


RCM 300 or 6 credit units from RCM Non-EN Alternatives.

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