Oral Rhetoric (RCM 401.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
RCM 401 02 January 2018 Rebekah Bennetch
RCM 401 01 September 2017 Debora Rolfes
RCM 401 02 January 2017 Rebekah Bennetch
RCM 401 01 September 2016 Debora Rolfes
RCM 401 02 January 2016


Focuses on application of the fundamentals of rhetoric to oral presentations. This is not primarily a course in performance; thus, in addition to developing skills in delivery, it will concentrate on applying theoretical understanding in four other areas; understanding and adapting to audience; using rhetorical strategies to develop a well-structured, engaging, and convincing message; accommodating to situational constraints; and establishing speaker credibility.


RCM 300 or 6 credit units from RCM Non-EN Alternatives.


Students with credit for GE 401 will not receive credit for this course.

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