Methods in Texture Research (ME 820.3)

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ME 820 01 January 2018 Jerzy Szpunar


This course is focused on fundamental descriptions of polycrystalline material structure and introduces students to experimental methods of measurements and analysis of texture and grain boundaries in polycrystalline solids. The students will be working on research project using experimental techniques for characterizing texture, structure and interfaces in polycrystalline materials. They will learn these techniques and will be applying them for solving problems related to influence of texture/structure on properties of polycrystalline materials. Thermo-mechanical methods used for texture and interface engineering will be discussed. Methods of optimizing various mechanical, physical and electronic properties of polycrystalline materials through texture control will be analyzed. This is a hybrid course with common lectures, assignments and midterm exam with ME 462. Therefore, students may not hold credit for both the undergraduate and graduate courses.

Permission of the instructor is required.


ME 820 and ME 462 possess similar content. Students with credit for ME 462 will not receive credit for this course.

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