Collaborative Design and Manufacturing (ME 329.3)

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ME 329 02 January 2017 Richard Retzlaff (primary instructor)
ME 329 02 January 2016 Richard Retzlaff (primary instructor)


This course will teach students to design and manufacture a mechanism in a collaborative group environment. Student groups will define interfaces and work processes that will allow each group to be responsible for the design and fabrication of a single part of the greater mechanism. Groups will integrate the design process into CAD and CAM processes to machine the parts using CNC tools (mills and lathes). At the end of the design project, individual parts will be assembled to form the whole. The course will consist of lectures (specifically on CNC programming, material selection, design for fabrication, interdisciplinary skills, project management, and codes and standards), computer tutorials, and fabrication on CNC machines.


ME 229, ME 318 (taken), and ME 330 (taken)

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