Eng Entrepreneurship Capstone (GE 430.0)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
GE 430 01 September 2017 Sean Maw
GE 430 01 September 2016 Sean Maw


This course integrates entrepreneurship with engineering design, in equal measure. Guest speakers will illustrate the challenges encountered by entrepreneurs at various stages of the business start-up process, and will help motivate students in their entrepreneurial aspirations. Students will also be tasked with identifying an entrepreneurial opportunity in the technology environment, pursuing it in terms of defining the opportunity (needs analyses, problem definition), developing a value-added solution to the problem, and implementing it in a business plan context.


COMM 349 and 9 credit units from COMM 200-399.


COMM 357 and COMM 447.


Registration in this course is restricted to students registered in the Engineering Entrepreneurship Option.

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