Industrial Mineral Processing (CHE 469.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CHE 469 01 September 2018 Shafiq Alam
CHE 469 01 September 2017 Shafiq Alam
CHE 469 01 September 2016 Shafiq Alam


This course presents industrial applications of the fundamentals of mineral processing and hydrometallurgy. Local and Canadian processing plants for a variety of products are described and analyzed. The commodities are all Canadian. They have been selected geographically, with the first emphasis on Saskatchewan commodities: potash, uranium, gold and rare earths. Moving east, the course deals with nickel and lead/zinc in Manitoba. Moving west brings in coal and oil sands in Alberta, then copper and molybdenum in British Columbia. Finally, moving far east brings in iron ore from Quebec or Labrador. Safety, control and environmental engineering is covered.


CHE 369

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