Design in Masonry (CE 474.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CE 474 02 January 2017 Bruce Sparling (primary instructor)
CE 474 L02 January 2017 Bruce Sparling (primary instructor)
CE 474 02 January 2016 Aleksandar Kisin , Felicia Brewster (primary instructor)
CE 474 L02 January 2016 Aleksandar Kisin (primary instructor)


Will provide an introduction to the analysis and design of structural masonry components and building systems. The fundamental principles covered in CE 418.3 (Design in Reinforced Concrete) will be extended to flexural members, walls and columns constructed from masonry components, in accordance with the requirements of CSA Standard CSA-S304.1-04 (Design of Masonry Structures). Lateral load resisting systems in low-rise buildings will be discussed, emphasizing the role and behaviour of shear walls and horizontal diaphragms. Elementary concepts of building science will also be introduced, focusing on heat and moisture flow through building envelopes.


CE 418 (taken).

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