Structural Steel Design (CE 470.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CE 470 01 September 2017 Ian MacPhedran
CE 470 L01 September 2017 Ian MacPhedran
CE 470 01 September 2016 Ian MacPhedran
CE 470 L01 September 2016 Ian MacPhedran


An introduction to the structural design of members and connections for steel structures in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada and the Canadian steel design Standard CSA-S16-01. Design principles are based on Limit States Design. Types of members and components include tension members, beams, columns and beam-columns, as well as bolted and welded connections. Emphasis is placed on basic design and fabrication procedures. Design forces for framed structures are determined using second-order elastic analysis with notional lateral loads.


CE 321.

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