Water Resources Engineering (CE 464.0)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CE 464 01 September 2017 Amin Elshorbagy
CE 464 L01 September 2017 Amin Elshorbagy
CE 464 01 September 2016 Amin Elshorbagy
CE 464 L01 September 2016 Amin Elshorbagy


This course builds on and supplements various aspects of other hydrotechnical courses, especially those related to hydrology. The course focuses on three major parts of water resources engineering practice. Part I deals with watershed analysis and simulation, including use of state-of-the art software, and the effects of urbanization on watershed runoff, including the design of street drainage systems and detention ponds. It also covers determination of peak discharges for hydrologic design. Part II deals with water use and its associated analysis, including irrigation, drought management and hydropower. Part III deals with water excess management and flood damage mitigation. Several aspects of the course include consideration of economics as a decision-making tool, notably those aspects dealing with drought and flood management.


CE 315 (taken) or BLE 431 (taken) and GE 348 (taken); CE 319.

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