Water Management Structures (CE 415.3)

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CE 415 01 September 2017 James Kells
CE 415 L01 September 2017 James Kells
CE 415 01 September 2016 James Kells
CE 415 L01 September 2016 James Kells


A design course in which the basics of fluid mechanics (hydrostatics, continuity, energy and momentum) are applied to hydraulic design. The concrete gravity dam and spillway structures are used to introduce the basic aspects of hydraulic structure design with respect to forces and hydraulic analysis, including the important topic of energy dissipation. Other structures, such as those used for flood control, irrigation, hydropower, navigation, water supply, land and highway drainage, wildfowl habitat preservation, and water-based recreation, are also considered.


CE 315 (taken).

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