Properties of Materials in Biosystems (BLE 323.3)

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Familiarization with the terminology and definitions of physical properties of biological materials, including size, shape and density; water content, equilibrium moisture content, water activity, capillary tension, chemical potential and turgidity; chemical and molecular composition; viscosity, viscoelastic, thermal, frictional, hydro- and aerodynamic, optical, electrical, and electromagnetic properties. Description of typical measurement methods and equipment for determination of material properties. Students develop an ability to identify and determine the physical properties of biological materials for analysis and design of agricultural, food, and biological systems and to indicate the uncertainty in property measurements and responsibly apply uncertainty in property values to engineering calculations. Emphasis is on describing the importance of biological material properties to engineering systems, and to understanding interactions between living and non-living components of biological systems.


ABE 323


(BIOL 120 or BLE 211).

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s)

GE 210.


Students with credit for ABE 323 will not receive credit for this course.

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