Special Topics (BIOE 898.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
BIOE 898 02 January 2017
BIOE 898 03 January 2017
BIOE 898 06 January 2017 Fangxiang Wu (primary instructor)
BIOE 898 0 September 2016
BIOE 898 02 September 2016 Xiongbiao Chen (primary instructor)
BIOE 898 10 September 2016
BIOE 898 02 January 2016
BIOE 898 03 January 2016 Anh Dinh (primary instructor)


Two 3 credit-unit courses can be taken independently. Topics will be selected according to the student's specific areas of interest. They include signal analysis for the acquisition and processing of physiological data, digital and optical picture processing for medical applications, theory of bioelectrodes, biological control theory and computer simulations of biological processes (some of these topics may be presented by faculty members specializing in that particular field).

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